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  • ValleyFamily

    ValleyFamily consists of our various children and student ministries. On Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, ValleyFamily provides large and small group activities that are focused on Gospel clarity, theology, and evangelism and missions as we help kids and youth grow in Christ.

  • ValleyGroups

    ValleyGroups is our small group and Sunday School ministry aimed at providing opportunities for discipleship, fellowship, and friendships. Our ValleyGroups consist of all ages and life stages. Sunday School happens each Sunday at 10:00. Connect Groups typically meet twice a month on Sunday evenings where they gather for a meal, prayer, and sermon discussion.

  • ValleyMusic

    ValleyMusic is the ministry that leads our congregation in being an engaged and unified church that worships the one true, holy God. ValleyMusic consists of our various music, technology, and content creation teams.

  • ValleyMissions

    ValleyMissions is just one outlet through which our members share in the responsibility of spreading the Gospel. ValleyMissions consists of numerous short-term trips and ongoing compassion ministries that demonstrate and communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally and globally. Our aim is to provide regular opportunities to send our people to make disciples of Jesus from the Valley to the ends of the earth.